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  • ZHEJIANG XURUI ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Xu Rui Electronics Co., Ltd. in May 30, 2015 began construction of a new website,an enterprise specialized in production and development micro-switch, toggle switch, limit switch, foot switch, solid state relay, mercury switch and so [More]
  • Micro SwitchMicro switch contact mechanism is having a fine contact gap and fast actuator, the switching operation with the force stroke and prescribe, with the housing cover, the exterior there is a switch drive rod because of its switch contact spacing Comparison small, hence the name micro-switches, also known as sensitive switch. Electrical text symbols: SM.[More]
  • Limit switchA limit switch, position switch (also known as limit switch), is a commonly used small current main electrical appliances. Use of production mechanical moving parts of the collision contact action to achieve it or breaking the control circuit to achieve certain control objectives. Typically, this type of switch is used to limit the mechanical movement of the position or stroke, according to a certain position so that mechanical movement or stroke automatic stop and reverse motion, shifting back and forth movement or automatic exercise.[More]
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Zhejiang Xurui Electronic Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise in research and development, production,marketing the micro switch,toggle switch,limit switch,foot switch, solid state relay,solid state voltage regulator,mercury switch ,reed switch and so on a series of electronic products under brandname””, and also the vice President member in Zhejiang Province Electrical Industry ......
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